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Automatic and manual Driving lessons in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Haarlem

Make your driving hours and pass your driving test in a fast, afordable and pleasant way!

Driving lessons in Amsterdam with the best cars

Your driving experience is partly created by the type of car you drive in. In order to learn how to drive, it is important to have a safe and well-organised car at your disposal and we didn't forget about comfort either. Get into our car for a pleasant first driving experience!

No more fear thanks to special "fear of failure" instructions

Do you find it harder to participate in traffic than most other people? Does the idea of getting into a car send chills down your spine? Does stress make you fail your driving test over and over again? Don't worry. Our specialised "fear of failure" instructors are able to teach you how to drive and to make you feel safe in traffic.

Pass your test quickly – accelerated training is possible!

If you don't want to waste another minute and you don't want to take more lessons than the absolute minimum, make sure to register right now and we will let you know how long your course will take.


Everyone is different; some people learn quicker than others. That is why we use a personal programme. This personal programme makes sure you will exactly get the coaching and the amount of lessons you need in order to pass your test as soon as possible!

High quality Step-by-Step method (step-wise driving course)

You wouldn't get in the car with just anyone. Why would you when taking driving lessons? Make sure to choose a certified instructor in order to protect yourself from paying too much and to avoid bad quality instruction.

Eco Driving (The New Driving)

Bring your fuel consumption down with over 10%? With the Eco Driving training you are able to drive the same distance in the same time but with 10% less petrol. Eco Driving is included in our course from the first lesson on!