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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply for my theory driving test?

Booking your theory driving test is either done by you or by your driving school. If you want to do it yourself, you can arrange it on Check mijn.cbr.nl. The price is about 39 Euros and it has to be paid online. If you have problems making reservations, call us and we do it for you, no extra charge.

What to bring along for your theory driving test?

For your theory driving test you need to bring along:

Can I take my theory driving test when I am younger than 16,5 year of age?

You are only allowed to take the theory driving test when you are 16,5 years old, or older. The same minimum age applies for booking the theory driving test, so you are not allowed to book the test 2 days before your birthday. Any questions about driving at 16,5? Check : 2todrive.

Am I allowed to take driving lessons without my theory test certificate?

You are allowed to take driving lessons without a theory test certificate. However, it is recommendable to make sure to pass the theory test before your tenth practical driving lesson. In order to be allowed to take practical driving lessons, you need to be 16.5 years old, or older. Taking the practical driving test is allowed from your 17th birthday.

What is the period of validity of my theory test certificate?

The theory test certificate is valid for 1 year. After this year, you will have to pass the test again. It is not possible to apply for a new certificate before the old one has exceeded the expiration date.

I lost my theory test certificate, what to do?

Go to the CBR theory centre in your area. There, you need to fill in a form, show your proof of identity and hand over a passport photo as well as a police report. You have to pay for the duplicate, which will be sent to you by post. It is not possible to pay cash at the CBR, so make sure to bring a debit card.

I am looking for a theory book to study. Where can I get one?

You are able to order a good quality theory book here :learning to drive manual. This book contains all subject material you need to master in order to pass the theory test successfully. This book is very cheap, up-to-date and is delivered in no time!

If you want to practice exams online you can buy the 15 hour Theory internet exam training CBR.

What is meant by special manoeuvres?

Special manoeuvres are special performances carried out in the car. Examples are: turning in the road, reverse parking, reverse parking in a bay or reversing in a straight line. For more detail look atSpecial Manouevres CBR.

The renewed test from the 1st of March 2009.

As from the 1st of March 2009, the theory driving test has changed considerably. A theory test now consists of:

The questions about recognising dangerous situations can always be answered by one of the following three options:

(These options are incorporated into our theory driving tests.)

The questions about recognising dangerous situations, what do they involve?

The theory driving test starts with 25 questions about recognising dangerous situations. A traffic situation will be shown and you are supposed to decide on the best reaction; braking, letting go of the accelerator or no reaction. In case of a lack of practical experience, these questions are rather difficult to answer. Fixed guidelines about this recognition do not exist. It all comes down to insight in different situations, recognising a dangerous situation immediately, looking far ahead and taking the right decisions. The available information on this topic is mainly based on insight.

The questions about traffic rules, what do they involve?

Every theory driving test contains 30 questions in this category. These questions involve the actual traffic rules, for instance the rules on giving way or the meaning of traffic signs.

The questions about insight in traffic situations and risks, what do they involve?

Every theory driving test contains 10 questions in this category. A picture and a question are shown to you. You have to choose the right multiple choice answer. Here it comes down to your general insight in traffic situations and the risks that are involved.