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Special Manouevres

Special manoeuvres Driving test CBR

On the 1st of January 2008, the CBR has changed the guidelines for the execution of the special manoeuvres for the driving test category B. The basics of the previous guidelines for the special manoeuvres still work perfectly fine with regard to controlling the vehicle, however, with the renewed guidelines the emphasis is on more freedom of choice and independency while carrying out the commands.


The picture of your capability, insight en behaviour in daily traffic as an examinee has become much clearer because of this new way of examining. Basically, the new way of examining is more connected to the reality -after passing your driving test- where adequate and safe reactions to the ever changing traffic situations are required too.

Which commands are to be expected during your driving test?

The examiner will chose two of these three options. Besides this, the examiner could randomly ask you to do the hill start. Not only the technical aspect is important when performing the special manoeuvres. The choices that are made before these manoeuvres, such as the location, the timing and the way the command is carried out, are also taken into account.

What to focus on

RVV = Regulations of traffic rules and traffic signs Article 54:

Drivers who are about to carry out a special manoeuvre, need to give way to the other road users.

Special manoeuvres are:

RVV = Regulations of traffic rules and traffic signs Article 55

Drivers of motor vehicles and moped riders have to use their indicators (or arm) in case they: