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Step-by-Step driving course

If you choose us, you choose an acknowledged Step-by-Step driving course (RIS). What this means is described here, (Dutch) but in short, it comes down to:

Clarity and keeping the overview

With the Step-by-Step method the student knows exactly where he/she stands. This training method teaches you Step-by-Step how to drive, which helps you to be well-prepared for participation in traffic. You can keep up with the steps in your Step-by Step course book. If you do some pre-work at home, the course can go even faster. You don't have to, you just need less time to have things explained to you in the car. It is totally up to you.

During the Step-by-Step driving course you will go on to the next stage if you master the previous one sufficiently. The first stage mostly consists of a small homework assignment. The final stage is accomplished when you are capable of doing something independently and properly in continuously changing circumstances. This way, you will go through 74 different "instructions" (scripts), spread out over four modules.

Every module is completed by a test. After completion of the first two modules, your knowledge and skills are tested. These tests are taken by a driving instructor from your own familiar driving school.

In the third test, you will be introduced to the procedure of the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR) and you can get used to the actual test conditions. The examiner will give you advice on how to improve your skills. Besides this, you can earn exemption from doing the special manoeuvres during the practical driving test. Independent driving and self reflection are also dealt with.

The fourth and final test is the practical driving test at the CBR.

The advantages of the Step-by Step method: